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When it comes to Northeastern skewers, we cannot overlook our restaurant - 'Grill Skewer Maestro'! We build upon the traditional Northeastern skewers and incorporate many unique elements to provide you with an extraordinary taste experience.

It all began when our owner won a competition for great eaters. In this exciting competition, our owner defeated all competitors with an impressive appetite and outstanding taste, sparking his passion for skewers. He decided to share his skewer art with everyone, and thus 'Grill Skewer Maestro' was born.

In our restaurant, you will feel the strong Northeastern atmosphere. Each skewer is carefully selected with fresh ingredients and combined with unique spices and grilling techniques, ensuring a perfect balance of flavor and texture. Whether it's juicy lamb chops, succulent chicken wings, or spicy squid in foil, every bite will bring you absolute satisfaction.

Furthermore, laughter is always present in our restaurant! Our skewer masters are all masters of humor and can always tell funny stories to help you release fatigue and stress. Whether you come with friends for drinks and skewers or if you are alone seeking culinary enjoyment, our restaurant will be a haven of joy.

So, if you want to taste authentic Northeastern skewers, and enjoy food and laughter, do not hesitate, come to 'Grill Skewer Maestro'! We look forward to your visit, and let us together embark on a journey of delicious and entertaining skewers!



Hantverkagatan 86

112 38, Stockholm


Tuesday – Thursday  17:00 – 22:00

Friday      17:00 - 23:00

Saturday    12:00 – 23:00

Sunday    12:00 –22:00

​Stop accepting orders 1 hour before closing*

Lunch from 105 SEK

Tuesday –  Friday    11:00 – 14:00 


Tel: 08-20 03 01

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